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Alex is one of the best minds in the field of SEO and Internet marketing. His ability to drive traffic and leads to local and national businesses is rivaled by few, and he truly understands how to help businesses thrive in the digital age.
Casandra Valentin
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Sky High Search is one of the top SEO firms in the country. Their ability to rank and drive traffic to local businesses is second to none. Their tactics are built on a solid foundation and they treat every business as if it were their own. You will not go wrong in selecting them to oversee your entire digital marketing platform.
Jose Cruz
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Alex has developed an outstanding internet marketing team at Sky High Search. Their ability to move businesses up the rankings in Google is rivaled by few. I would not hesitate to trust them with my entire internet marketing campaign from beginning to end.
Aurore Jones
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Alex and his team at Sky High Search are some of the best in the SEO business. Their ability to provide the client with a precise and clear plan of action backed up by historical results should enable any potential client of theirs to hire them without hesitation.
Morgan Aries
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Alex is an expert digital marketer. His calm approach to competitive markets and diverse business situations is amazing, and it makes him capable of delivering consistent results for his clients.
Rohit Raut
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The team at Sky High Search is like none other. They truly provide measurable value to every client they serve. As one of the top Internet Marketing firms in the United States, you can feel comfortable placing your trust in them to deliver results that will 10x your business.
Jabir Mohamed
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I have had the chance to work with Alex on a few SEO projects together and his knowledge is truly outstanding. The best part is that he really prides himself on doing SEO the right way which provides his clients with a rock solid foundation for years to come.
Rami Malaka
Alex Cerulli has built an outstanding internet marketing platform at Sky High Search. His ability to provide proven results for every client he agrees to work with should leave them with the utmost confidence in reaching their online goals.
Carlos Hartley
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Sky High Search knows their stuff! Alex is respected in the industry and is very professional. If you are a business owner they are the right people to talk to. If you are in need of a consultant, someone who can elevate your business to the next level, rank your website in Google, look no further, you are in the right time and place. Sky High Search is the spot.
Ben Magsino
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Alex has an amazing strategy for ranking website on Google. He can deliver results day in and day out.
Kamil Kowalkowski
Sky High Search has an excellent reputation within the internet marketing community for producing outstanding results for every client they serve. Alex and his team are very professional and handle each client as if it were their only one.
Tye Gnass
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Alex has a phenomenal understanding of how to perform SEO properly and thoroughly which is really something unique in this day and age. You can trust him to build your SEO campaign the right way from the start.
Veronica Lim
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There are just too many SEO agencies out there flooding the market with poor practices and subpar results. Sky High Search really stands above the fray providing clients with actionable results that produce more online traffic ultimately increasing businesses bottom lines.
Jeffrey Ito
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Alex’s ability to get your local business ranked on all the major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo is second to none. He offers multiple solutions and platforms that will drive more traffic, customers and revenue to your company enabling you to get to the next level.
Ryota Iwai
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Sky High Search’s team of SEO experts provides comprehensive solutions to internet marketing challenges. Their ability to provide lasting growth to their clients’ bottom line is a tremendous value.
Sajjad-ul-Islam Azad
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I have worked with Alex on a few projects and he has an outstanding grasp of SEO and Internet Marketing. He would be an excellent choice for any client who needs to dominate their competition.
Hanna Groves
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Working with Alex from Sky High Search on a marketing campaign was a great experience. His best quality is sensitivity to the client’s requests, and he delivered results better than what they expected. Alex is an internet strategist who is skilled and innovative with research, content and conversion, as well as driving traffic to increase sales. Give him a call and see what he can do for your business.
Megan Lee
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Sky High Search just does it right. No nonsense, no games, just results, and as a business owner, that’s want you want every time. I wholeheartedly recommend Alex and his team.
Greggory Thorpe
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Being the most competitive cities in the country Chicago is obviously a tough place for a business to stand out. In the age of the internet and where access to the world is literally in everyone’s back pocket, it is vital your business has the best possible presence on all the major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. In my experience there are few firms in the entire country that do this as well as Sky High Search. Alex and his team have an outstanding reputation in getting local businesses ranking on page 1 thus leading to increased traffic, customers and revenue for your company!
Hassan Baqir
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The whole team at Sky High Search is extremely results driven and focused on delivering a positive customer experience. This is really refreshing in the SEO industry
Benjamin Goldstein
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Alex uses the most cutting edge SEO strategies in the industry and can help any business take their operations to the next level. If you need help growing your customer base and revenue streams, I would highly recommend Alex and his agency, Sky High Search.
Matthew Agostinho
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Being an industry professional I have seen and dealt with many SEO firms over the years and I must say Alex and Sky High Search is certainly one of the best I have seen.
Steven Graham

Sky High Search SEO

In everything we do at Sky High Search, we believe in challenging the SEO status quo.  We believe in thinking differently when it comes to helping businesses surpass their potential because, for the businesses we select to work with, that belief becomes our true passion.

The way we challenge the status quo is by taking a vested interest in seeing your entire Internet marketing strategy built properly from the ground up. Like you, we believe when the proper strategy is implemented strategically from the beginning the results are lasting, providing you tremendous value and return on investment.

We are one of the top search engine optimization (SEO) firms in the country want to work with us?

With so much of your business on the line your choice in professional SEO companies is crucial because each day you are not on page one of Google your competitors are getting stronger and taking your potential customers. Tired of your competitors dominating your market?  Let’s get down to business.

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How we do it:



We start by looking at your online presence and brand as a whole including your website layout and content, current focus keywords, current rankings in the major search engines, your social media presence and other crucial factors that drive your online competitiveness. Once we have this information we put together a realistic and detailed plan and timeframe to get you back in the race and ultimately ahead of the pack.


Sky High Search understands that each company has to market to their potential customers in a way that’s right for them and SEO is not the same for all businesses. There are no cookie cutter strategies employed in our formula for success.  The Search Engine Optimization Strategy we develop is unique to the needs of your business.

Sky High Search’s best-in-class strategy for professional search engine optimization, website building and video marketing is driven by fundamentals and proven results.  We employ time-tested tactics that most SEO companies overlook because they are too busy following the latest trends or tricks.  The problem with trends and tricks is that they don’t last and can ultimately be dangerous; potentially leading to penalties and/or having major search engines remove your site from their listings.


You now have a well-oiled online machine and your web presence is generating awesome buzz. Your website is user friendly and engaging with your customers, you are climbing through the rankings and you are starting to notice a lot more customer traffic, phone calls and requests for your products or services.  That feeling of excitement and longing for successful growth you imagined when you first opened has finally turned into a reality!  This doesn’t have to be a dream, it can become your reality sooner than you think.  Click the button below or give us a call and let’s do this together!

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